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NEW PRODUCT: IMG 25kV Cable Couplers

June 16, 2016 Cable Couplers

IMG 25,000V Trailing Cable Coupler

IMG has successfully finalized all testing of the new IMG coupler design rated up to 25kV, 500A. These units are same size as the IMG 15kV couplers, which makes them one of the smallest 25kV designs on the market. They incorporate 3 separate, shielded insulators and will include various safety and durability features as those of other IMG couplers. The coupler is available in Male-to-Female Version. Skid are available to elevate units from elements and this preventing damage.

IMG Cable Coupler LLI

May 12, 2016 Cable Couplers

IMG 15,000V Trailing Cable Coupler

Live-Line Indicators are now available for IMG 15kV Cable Couplers in addition to already being used on the IMG 8kV Coupler System. Flashing LED lights in the IMG LLI system indicate that the coupler is "LIVE" (voltage is present). This safety feature adds an additional safety measure to prevent damage to equipment, and most importantly, prevents personnel injury or even death that often results from separating cable coupler under load.

Designed with Safety in Mind

November 6, 2014

Increasing industry safety policies and standards are our main focus at IMG when designing new equipment and/or sourcing electrical equipment...


New: IMG 15kV Cable Couplers

November 3, 2014 Cable Couplers

In 2015, IMG is schedulled to launch the 15kV Cable Couplers that will implement numerous safety features & improvements also used in the 8kV system.


IMG Acquires Shares in Local Foundry

July 8, 2013

With demand rising for the new IMG Coupler products, IMG shareholders decide to acquire shares in local green-sand foundry.


New Product: IMG Cable Couplers

January 1, 2013 Cable Couplers

While maintaining market standards and compatibility, numerous safety features & improvements were integrated into the new IMG Cable Coupler design.





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